Hold the Night

Two lovers try to keep things together and endure a mysterious apocalypse by smoking and learning French.

Official Selection
2018 Woods Hole Film Festival
2018 Edmonton International Film Festival

Hold the Night

Anatomy of a Bean

Patrick Willems narrates this faux video essay about a scene with way too many beans.

Premiered on


A man is forced to perform as the giant creature that destroyed his town and his family.

Premiered on Film Shortage.

The Shell Collector

I made an exceptionally strange and overcomplicated feature film that has yet to play anywhere.






Living in a Long Forgotten Future

A short film about almost staying in the Nakagin Capsule Tower.
One of a series of three visual essays from Japan.

Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior

Red Bull Studios asked me to make a film about a psychedelic art exhibition.

Kendall Jenner at the Met Gala

2.7 million views and counting.

I made these stop-motions for's Vine and Instagram accounts. Remember Vine?