I do too many things and I got tired of posting. Updated 5/30/18.

(a list of things I've worked on as they get released)(with links)


9/9 – Edited this
Tory Burch SS/2018 Dance Video

9/7 – Shot & Edited Cardi B getting ready fashion week for Vogue Magazine

9/6 – Edited a bunch of these GIFs of Hair Bows for Vogue Magazine

9/5 – Edited this day in the life of Tory Burch for Architectural Digest

8/30 – Helped structure this denim video for Vogue Magazine

8/26 – Edited a series of short videos for Frame Denim

8/26 – Edited Princess Nokia at the Afropunk Festival for Vogue Magazine

8/25 – Edited a bit of this opening voiceover with Celia Rowlson-Hall for Miu Miu

8/17 – Edited this video featuring Google Home for Vogue Magazine

8/9 – Edited the Instagram trailer of Jennifer Lawrence in Vogue's September Issue

8/3 – Edited Alexander Wang giving a tour of his home for Architectural Digest

8/2 – Edited the video for the New 
DL1961 Campaign

8/1 – Directed a short called Anatomy of a Bean and Booooooom posted it

7/27 – Edited this Step routine with the dancers from the documentary for Vogue Magazine

7/18 – Edited Miranda Kerr's Wedding Prep Strategy for Vogue Magazine

7/18 – Edited this Miranda Kerr's Beauty Secrets instagram cut for Vogue Magazine

7/16 – Edited Miranda Kerr's Wedding Dress Fitting for Vogue Magazine

7/14 – Edited this look at the Shake Shack Recipe Book Launch

7/10 – Edited this Olivia Palermo x Vianel video

7/7 – Edited this Shack Burger Recipe for 
Shake Shack 

6/29 – Edited this Shack-cago Dog Recipe for Shake Shack 

6/28 – Edited 
Kittens Riding Roombas for Architectural Digest

6/28 – Edited Miranda Kerr Supermodel for Vogue Magazine

6/26 – AnOther Magazine posted some new and never-before-seen museum pictures

6/23 – Edited this Bacon, Egg, 'N' Cheese Recipe for Shake Shack

6/22 – Edited this Best in Beauty: Bold Color video for Barneys

6/22 – Edited Young M.A. shopping for Vogue Magazine

6/21 – Edited this Vogue Magazine parody of their own Beauty Secrets videos

6/20 – Edited all of these GIFs of Zendaya for Vogue Magazine

6/19 – Edited this short clip of the America's Cup for Architectural Digest

6/19 – Edited a series of 5 videos on Hidden Art in NYC for m2m (this is all 5 together)

6/16 – Edited this Chick'n Shack Recipe for
Shake Shack

6/12 – Archive Collective posted a few of my museum pictures

6/11 – Edited 24 Hours with Broadway Star Denee Benton for Vogue Magazine

6/7 – Edited Beth Ditto Singing "Oo La La" on 16mm for Vogue Magazine

6/6 – Edited Vogue in the 1980's Narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker for Vogue Magazine

5/18 – Edited Camille Rowe at Saks Fifth Avenue for Vogue Magazine

5/17 – Edited Katy Perry at the Met Gala for Vogue Magazine

5/12 – Edited How to Pick the Perfect Vase for Architectural Digest

5/6 – The Latent Image posted a few of my photos from various new series

5/2 – Edited Wiz Khalifa Getting Ready for the Met Gala for Vogue Magazine

5/1 – Edited 35 Models at the Climate March for Glamour

4/25 – Edited 4 Ways to Style a Bookshelf for Architectural Digest

4/20 – Vogue's Instagram reposted my video with Grace Coddington for her birthday

4/18 – Edited 4 Ways to Light Your Bedside for Architectural Digest

4/13 – Photographed Calatrava architecture in Valencia

4/7 – Edited 4 Ways to Outfit a Desk for Architectural Digest

4/7 – Photographed La Sagrada Familia, designed by Antonio Gaudi

4/2 – Feature Film Born River Bye Wins the GEORGIA FILM AWARD at the Atlanta FF

4/3 – Edited Karen Elson's Beauty Essentials for Into the Gloss

3/31 – Edited 4 Ways to Dress Your Mantel for Architectural Digest

3/31 – Feature Film Born River Bye, Directed by Tim Hall, Premieres at the Atlanta FF

3/29 – Edited Lena Dunham on Microblading for Vogue Magazine

3/28 – Shot & Edited Laura Lamp's First Daily Dance in Spain

3/28 – Shot & Edited DELETE 035 & DELETE 036 for Nobu Fukui

3/24 – Edited the Instagram Cut of Emily Ratajkowski in Paris for Vogue Magazine

3/23 – Shot & Edited La Bufanda with Laura Lamp from our trip to Spain in August

3/20 – Shot & Edited DELETE 033 & DELETE 034 for Nobu Fukui

3/16 – Edited Selena Gomez Behind-the-Scenes for her Vogue Magazine Cover Shoot

3/16 – Edited a Short Doc on LA Chicana Sailor Gonzales for Vogue Magazine

3/14 – Edited Vogue in the 1960's Narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker for Vogue Magazine

3/13 – Shot & Edited DELETE 031 & DELETE 032 for Nobu Fukui

3/9 – Edited Behind-the-Scenes of a Recent n Philanthropy Shoot

3/8 – Edited Paris in Gold for Made to Measure

3/6 – Edited Paris in Blue for Made to Measure

3/6 – Shot & Edited DELETE 029 & DELETE 030 for Nobu Fukui

3/4 – Edited Paris in Red for
Made to Measure

2/25 – Edited the GIFs and Social Cuts for Vogue Magazine's NYFW Review

2/23 – Shot & Edited
DELETE 026DELETE 027, & DELETE 028 for Nobu Fukui

2/15 – Edited Vogue in the 1940's Narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker for Vogue Magazine

2/15 – Edited Migos Visiting NYFW for Vogue Magazine

2/14 – Edited Sara Sampaio Interning at The Coveteur

2/10 – Edited Vogue Magazine's 125th Birthday Party

2/9 – Edited Vogue in the 1950's Narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker for Vogue Magazine

1/23 – Directed & Shot Cavernous, a Short Dance Documentary with Laura Lamp

1/16 – Shot a 16mm Dance Film titled This World, Directed by Laura Lamp

1/11 – Shot a 16mm Improv Dance Film with Olivea Shure

1/10 – Edited Em Rata and Priyanka Chopra at the Golden Globes for Vogue Magazine

1/3 – Shot a 16mm Dance Film titled Run, Directed by Laura Lamp